Stone coated roofing
Stone coated roofing

Stone coated steel roof tile at Wanzhi Steel covers various architectural tile styles and textures. It provides the aesthetic appeal of conventional tiles, as well as great durability and strength of steel. Moreover, stone-coated roofing tiles are also a cost-effective option because of their light weight and low maintenance. As a new roofing material, it is widely used in many projects, like villas, apartments, buildings, etc. If you want more information, please contact us right now!


Stone coated steel roof tile provides elegant design and various color options. Also, it can suit different weather conditions, even extremely hot and cold weather, strong wind, heavy rain, etc. That’s why it is widely used for different styles of residential or commercial buildings, such as villas, resorts, apartments, other construction roofs, etc.


1.Pretty Appearance: The stone coated roofing sheet from Wanzhi Steel has a wide range of colors and profiles to choose from to better suit different architectural styles. Therefore, they are well recommended for attractive looks and great designs.
2.Excellent Durability: Stone coated steel roofing uses as base metal, which provides excellent corrosion resistance. Also, the stone chips on the surface give additional protection to your roof. So its service life is more than 50 years.
3.Weather Resistance: They can withstand tough weather, such as extremely hot or cold weather, heavy rain, or strong wind. And it also has great resistance to water, alkalines, acid, salt, heat, fire, etc.
4.Low Maintenance & Easy Installation: Each piece of stone-coated steel roof tile weighs less than 4 kg. Its lightweight makes it easy to install. So you can save a lot of money on installation and transportation. Also, it can be cut, bent, or punched to meet different needs. More than that, it requires less maintenance during its whole service life

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